What love is this?

I don’t really know how to describe this piece. It’s about love, about family, about where we come from and what the pandemic has done to those ties.

Do what you love and bugger the weather

Adventure doesn’t have to come pre-packaged in an ‘event’. Adventure doesn’t have to buy tickets, it doesn’t have to be sponsored and it definitely doesn’t have to be neat – it just has to be created. It’s actually simpler than you think to take bigger bites out of life, you just have to force yourself to make the space for it to happen.

What we have.

We are living through the kind of hundred year crisis that my generation had so far forgotten was possible, as our lives became more and more comfortable. We believed that the ability to make a plan – for any future: tomorrow, next week, next year – was a birthright. We never considered that time and time before us, generations understood the hard way that tomorrow is not given.

When the world turns

  There’s something about this rain that settles the truth of this new world order, like sand on wet ink, or waking after a night of no sleep to realise you still must face the day. I’ve been in a state of suspended animation. The hazy days of summer have blurred from raw fear of…

Here on the earth

When you find yourself drifting, how is it possible to cling on? After three months at home, as each day starts to feel the same, it’s possible to lose sight of the idea of ‘living’ such as it was. Without real life interaction, without the rough edges of other people outside your household, without the…