Lost, found

Strange times, these. I wrote a poem to try and catch what is found when something else is lost…

For sale….

Thinking of knocking up a few of these, anyone want one?

What kind of British person do you want to be then, eh?

Now that this Brexit business is done and dusted, we all have a choice to make. We know that Brexit was about ‘taking back control’ of Britain, Britishness and everything British that has been oppressed by these unelected bureaucrats forcing things like maternity pay and a continent-wide court of human rights upon us. No more….

Coast to Coast Day 1: Starting out from St Bees

What’s the point of doing something challenging if you don’t BORE ON about it for at least a year afterwards?! With that in mind, here’s the first installment all about my #coasttocoast walk last month, complete with vids at the end. I’ll upload each day as I get round to it. Thanks so much for…

Preparing for the Coast to Coast Walk. Mostly succeeding.

Let’s talk about prep baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about walking 200 miles, day after day, across the countryyyyyyyy etc. My coast to coast walk is now just a month away, and with that in mind there’s quite a few things that I have realised I should be doing in preparation…