Introducing (some of) the idiots…

I am of course referring to my children, and the nonsensical, fantastical, RUBBISH they spout all day long, but I’m making provision here to include quotes from other members of my family.

Yes, idiot sister, I’m looking at you.

We have form for spouting a lot of shit. My mum in particular, who has never, ever ever, not once, been wrong about anything since about 1973, whose contribution to shaping our behaviour over the years has included the gems

– Tuesday is not a chip day in people’s lives

– The microwave is a very dangerous activity


Me: Mum, you are so out of touch with the real world
Mum: The real world is WRONG.

Yes, my mum has set the bar quite high for saying very silly things within earshot of another human being.

If that gives a flavour of my upbringing, then I suppose it’s no wonder I have spawned a daughter who can talk fool all day long. She’s 3, so I find quite a lot of it unintentionally hilarious. I’ll try to keep this blog mainly for the funny stuff.

Starting with the mildly amusing, this morning at the breakfast table, where she solemnly pronounced that she had “pins and noodles” in her foot.



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  1. Helen Browne says:

    You have a mother just like mine except she has never once been wrong in her entire life. AND she believes priests and doctors are infallible to the extent when a doctor declared ‘there is nothing wrong with you except old age (91); your body has simply had enough’ she promptly died half an hour later.


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