A memory project

country skies

“Ell-iy eff eeejee oweeey yes ohwen, what you don’t have now will come back again, you got heart – and you’re goin your own way.”

It took me ages before I worked out what it was spelling, years ago.

This song, bubbled up into my brain on the way to work this morning. The air was glass – still, heavy and loaded with autumn stillness and colour, just so beautiful in that temporary way that flying landscape from a car is. I revelled in the traffic jams, soaking in how clear the light was, how late I was going to be for work, how alive you can feel from the most mundane moments.

I always let people in ahead of me in the queues on these days. Don’t care who sees me putting on my lipstick in the rear view mirror. Don’t mind how many market traders in the market town get treated to my singing on a slow crawl past with the sun roof wide as my grin.

Because, oof, how much we have!

I’ve got music, I’ve got love and what I don’t have right now will come back agin, right? And if it doesn’t, then really – what am I missing?

I love how the power of music reaches way beyond the minutes a song will play on the radio. So much of my memory is woven together by the threads of a tune, snippets of someone else’s poetry that has become part of my narrative. We play a game; play the first few seconds of a track, speak the moment in your time, (your times) that it takes you back to. They’re glimpses into the non-events, more often than not. The skies seen from a car journey, a point in the road, a look, a smile or a love half remembered through the lens of a sound.

The people I love have their own soundtrack. And this year, this summer has been set to LOUD and RECORD somehow.

So for starters, how about this. A Memory Project. Who or where does this song take you? How do we live in the minds of our friends? It will be the strangest things, an odd dream, the sight of the campfire while Coldplay sing about the stars silently in your mind (Brice’s). Don’t you worry child, loud from the car radio with the open window and festival glitter still fresh on our faces, Philly.

(Jason Derulo. I’m that flight that you get on… international. Lisa. (God know’s why this song has stuck itself to you in my brain, but there you go. I don’t make the rules…)hashtag twerkoff hashtag oh dear god hashtag why is no-one else dancing hashtag might fire MYSELF to stop this pain.)

So thought for the day is that today, life is like this today. Tomorrow will be different; harder, easier, funnier or sadder, but for now – what you don’t have, you don’t need.

Think on it. What you don’t have now, you don’t need.

And some day it will come around.





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  1. Le Fatboy says:

    Tell mee whyyy-eee!


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