Of simple pleasures

no chocolate Advent Calendar

I see no reason to inflict any more chaos and shouting on my morning routine than is strictly necessary, and for that reason each year I hunt high and low for an advent calendar without chocolate in to give to my children.

It’s not that I don’t want them eating chocolate (they eat loads), or that I am wilfully stuck in the past (I am), but more that I can’t face every morning having to patiently explain again to my 2 year old why he can’t immediately open another five doors and gorge his tiny person on chocolate before he has even put trousers on.

It’s getting pretty hard to find one with just pictures in, but I’m so glad I managed it this year. Such joy on his tiny face when this morning he opened the window to a picture of two lovely angels, shrieking ‘BATS!!!! BATS MUMMY!!!’

Because a picture IS enough, right? You’re two years old, you have no real clue what Christmas is all about, reindeer, donkeys, santa and ‘pissmas’ are all interchangeable in your porous little brain and none of it really matters as long as someone helps you pull your pants up and breakfast is served promptly (‘chicken pox please mummy’ in our case*).  We are all still counting down the days until Santa/Jesus comes, and life is sweet enough without chocolate.

*aka cocoa pops


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