Two things

berocca packTwo things, people.

1. Berocca.
2. More Berocca

The adverts say ‘You, but on a really good day’, but could just as equally be something along the lines of ‘You, but only like before you had two children and no pelvic floor, a tolerance for greater levels of idiocy than now, and an unbroken eighteen hours in bed’.

This stuff is B for Brilliant. I think I’m addicted. Maybe it is all just the placebo effect, but as the month of January has been brought to our household by B for Berocca, I feel like I have lots more energy than usual, have more motivation to Get Stuff Done, and shout just a tiny bit less.

One glass in the morning, every day. Try it, you might surprise yourself.

I eventually persuaded husband to have one; that day was the first time in six months he chose to visit the expensive gym he had been paying for every month for the last year but as yet, never visited. I’m sure this was no coincidence.


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