Camp Bestival Announces!

HUGE excitement in our house today to discover that Camp Bestival have announced the theme for next year…



Transmitting from the Camp Bestival Lunar Module, Commander Rob da Bank says: “Attention all space personnel, cosmic explorers, astronauts and little astronutters… prepare for blast off. Yes friends it’s time to whizz off into orbit down at Lulworth Castle aka Spacecamp Dorset and explore the outer regions of our glorious galaxy, the stars, the planets, the moondust, the asteroids and the occasional scary black hole…and remember kids – Outer Space is the place!”

Moon boots!


Rocket ships!

Fancy dress outfits probably involving tinfoil!

What’s not to like?!


Tickets are on sale now, (all ticket info is available here), and Camping Plus plots (where you are guaranteed a space to pitch) go on sale this Friday 27th November. Premium Backstage VIP Camping tickets are on sale from Friday, too. We’ve already bought ours using the brilliant payment plan, which spreads the cost and works out costing less per week than I probably spend on bad sandwiches from the lunchtime van, so everyone’s a winner.

Also wildly exciting is the imminent launch of the Camp Bestival Advent Calendar – sign up and login here. Literally NO IDEA what this will involve but I imagine at the very least it will involve some kinds of magical prizes, perhaps a song or two and hopefully a sandwich made of real live moon cheese or something equally brilliant.

This theme is going to go down a TREAT with the oldest child, who has been quite literally obssessed with space since it was her topic in reception class last term; her brother has caught on to her enthusiasm and now if ever there is a pause between making repetitive buzzing noises and asking for cheese, all they want to do is watch a (slightly sinister) animated youtube song about the planets. (“I am the sun….I’m a burning ball of fire….I am very big indeed…” You get the gist. They’ve got it down word for word, so at least they’ve learnt something, even if I do want to drill out my own ears if I ever have to hear it again.)

space suit
Moon face

They were so into learning about space, we took them on a surprise trip to the National Space Centre in Leciester not long ago. We kept the secret all the way there up the M1, until Rose spied the sign and shouted it out. The youngest child proceeded to get completely the wrong end of the stick, dementedly yelling “National Space SANTA!!!” for the remaining half hour of the journey every time we passed a conifer and jabbering about Christmas trees and reindeer and so was a bit bewildered when we got there. But there was a rocket that belched real live smoke and we let him press the button for the lift, so it was all fine in the end.

So anyway, if you’re not already going to Camp Bestival, can I suggest that you check it out IMMEDIATELY. It is absolutely the highlight of our idiot family’s year, and I guarantee you will have a brilliant time. (Even if you lose your tickets in the car park and your child is sick in your tent).
I speak of such things with first hand experience.

I for one am now off to PINTEREST THE SHIT out of all things galactic, so I’ll see you there, yeah?


at Camp Bestival 2015
at Camp Bestival 2015


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