Shot through the heart…

Isn’t it lovely when your children spontaneously demonstrate that they have totally, and utterly got your number?

The oldest child made us some delightful place mats the other night, completely unprompted, and, amusingly for all, unassisted. She was running with the theme ‘my family and the things they like’. Which is sweet. Isn’t it?

Aah, lovely! She’s right. I do like them.

Little illegible, but again, nailed it. The boy one does love ham. And chocolate, and sweets and football.
Yep, standard: Guinea pigs. Cats. Rabbits. My family. What a heartbreaker! A few butterflies, hearts and stars for good measure there too.
And then, well, there’s Daddy. Absolutely OWNED by the simple observations of a child, in that he likes:


That’s right people. Booze, dogs and wine.

Booze, dogs and wine.


By Rose, aged 6. She knows the score.



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  1. Rick says:

    Sure she didn’t mean ‘Rosé’?

    Liked by 1 person

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